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Deposits are the best way to grow your savings. Having a bank deposit stresses and highlights the importance of having to save money for future benefits.

The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank offers various types of deposit options that suit investor’s requirements with interest.

The various types of term deposits available are:

  • Savings bank
  • A Savings Bank Account is a multi-faceted scheme of the Bank with an aim to improve the savings habit among people. The scheme is one of the very basic deposit ideas. These accounts make customers set aside a portion of their liquid assets while earning a monetary return. Anyone with even basic income levels can own a Savings Account.

    The Depositor can deposit small or large amounts and also can withdraw money as per convenience any time during working hours through cheque and always a minimum balance has to be maintained. There is no maximum limit for SB account. The savings bank deposits are mainly aimed for individuals. Very little paperwork is involved for the same. Interest is calculated based on the account balance on each day. ATM cards, Mobile Passbooks SMS Banking services will be provided free of charge. Students SB Account is offered for students.

  • Current Deposit
  • This deposit scheme is specially intended for business people and enterprises like proprietors, large scale and small scale partnership firms, public and private companies, trusts, organisations etc. Having a Current Account helps you to deal with your financial activities in a convenient and smooth manner; especially in cases when you have a higher number of regular transactions like deposits, withdrawals and contra transactions. The current account can be started by depositing Rs. 1000.

    The main advantage with current account is that money can be deposited and withdrawn at any time without giving any kind of notice. In addition to this it is also suitable for making payments to creditors using cheques. In a current account, cheques received from customers can be deposited for collection too. ECS facilities can also be availed for current accounts.

  • Fixed deposit
  • Fixed Deposits are safe investments which give high returns on investment with an attractive high rate of interest together with an insurance cover. Thesedeposits signify a larger class of investments with varying levels of liquidity. Interest is paid to investors at regular intervals in this scheme. Simple formalities are there to open the fixed deposit and the Bank pays a high rate of interest which can be fixed for monthly or trimonthly periods.

    The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank offers long-term and short-term fixed deposits for its customers from 15 days to long periods. The customers can select how much to invest and get assured of solid returns on investment. The customers also get to choose from a number of duration periods and decide on what is convenient and most suited for their requirements.

    Usually Fixed Deposits cannot be withdrawn before the date of maturity and this ensures that the money is fully safe and would achieve its full range of potential by the date of maturity. Half % higher interest is paid to senior citizens. Deposit loan facility can be availed against your deposit.





    15-45 Days



    46-90 Days



    91-179 Days



    180-364 Days



    1-2 Year below



    2 Year and Above



  • Cumulative deposit
  • The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank Ltd provides Cumulative Deposit Schemes for customers. In a cumulative deposit scheme, the interest is payable at the time of maturity along with the principal. These schemes are suitable for persons who do not require periodical interest payments, and are looking for money multiplier schemes. The amount deposited under this scheme for a particular period grows constantly at compound interest calculated on quarterly basis. It is a cumulative deposit scheme ensuring more income to customers. In a fixed deposit scheme, the interest is payable at specified frequencies. The scheme will be convenient for persons, like pensioners, who require periodical interest payments. The deposit period is from 1 – 5 years.





    1 Year



    23 Months



    2 Years



    3 Years



    4 Years



    5 Years



  • Recurring deposit
  • It is a monthly deposit savings scheme from Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank in which a fixed amount is deposited monthly for a fixed period. On completion of a particular period the principle amount along with an attractive interest, compound interest included will be refunded. With this deposit you can have regular savings on a monthly basis. A minimum of Rs. 50 or its multiples can be paid monthly either through our agents or personally to the bank. The term period ranges from 1 year to 5 years. This scheme gives you financial security as well as encourages savings habit.

  • Daily deposit
  • A small savings scheme introduced to encourage thrift habit in people. In this daily deposit scheme the customers can keep adding to their bank balance small or big amounts of their choice and it is particularly beneficial for people who work on a daily wage basis and also among small income groups. They can keep their bank accounts alive and active by contributing even amounts below Rs. 100. Almost 90% of the deposit can be availed as loan.

    The customers needn't even come to any of our bank branches to deposit the money as they can hand it over to our collection agents who would go to them and collect the amount. Every day the bank’s agent will come to collect the deposit and issue a on the spot deposit receipt. The deposit is to be maintained for a minimum period of one year and no withdrawal or closing of account is permitted within one year of opening the account. A minimum interest is paid to the daily deposit schemes.


The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank offers a full range of loan solutions to make your life easier.

Main loan options available are:

  • Gold Loan
  • Whenever you are in urgent need of cash, Gold Loans are a perfect choice. The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank offers loan against gold ornaments - a scheme designed to provide loan against pledged gold ornaments which is ideal to meet your immediate requirement of cash. The loan can be processed within a short span of time and the loan period can be for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year).
    There are various gold schemes for the benefit of our customers. We also offer special interest rates for certain schemes.

    Three Month Special Scheme
    Interest Rate 7.50% per Month
    Maximum of Rs.50 Lakhs can be availed as Gold loan.

  • Agricultural gold loan
  • The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank has introduced agricultural Gold loans for farmers belonging to all categories. These loans too are provided at very low interest rates on pledging gold ornaments.
    The Bank believes that the farmers need all the financial support to achieve some kind of self-sufficiency, hence have introduced the Agricultural Gold loan. Farmers are offered these loans whenever they are in need and since the interest rates are low, they would be able to meet their requirements without much of a difficulty and will feel comfortable even while paying back.

  • Vehicle loan
  • Now bringing home the vehicle of your choice has never been simpler! At Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank, we aim to make the experience quick, transparent and hassle-free. Attractive vehicle loans with low interest rates and your choice of payment structure through flexi EMIs make us the best choice for a vehicle loan.

  • Housing loan
  • Building own house is the dream of every person. But it is getting tougher and tougher for common people to realize their dream with the rising material costs and the ever-increasing square-feet rates. It has become a huge financial burden for the low and middle-income groups, but by availing a housing loan is the answer to all these needs.

    The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank provides housing loans which would help you to build your sweet home. Loan amounts are sanctioned with special interest rates to reduce the financial load over you. Our main objective is to provide housing loans to individuals at competitive interest rates and longer terms considering their needs. Up to Rs. 50 Lakhs loan can be availed by customers.

  • Business loan
  • Businessmen and industrialists need cash for running their business and also to meet their daily running costs. They always require cash for rolling purposes and the best possible way to keep the business alive is to rely on business loans. At the Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank, we understand the needs and nature of various businesses and assist them in meeting their quick requirements by issuing business loans.

    It is very easy to avail our business loans which are provided at special interest rates. Very little paper work is involved and that makes the whole process of sanctioning the loan easy and quick. All you need is the help of two other guarantors and you can avail this loan at good rates. The bank provides

  • House repair loan
  • You can now renovate your home with Home Repair Loans from The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank! We provide loans not just for new homes but also to help you renovate and repair an existing property. With these loans you can upgrade your existing home to a contemporary design and a more comfortable living space. These loans are passed in very short periods of time without much paper work and you can repay your loan in easy installments. You can avail these loans for enhancing your home in many ways like tiling and flooring, internal and external plaster and painting etc. These loans are available for both existing and new customers with easy and hassle free documentation.

  • Marriage loan
  • Making a wedding successful involves a lot of planning and effort! Hotel bookings, Auditorium, Jewellery shopping, wedding invitations, deciding on the caterers and much more. Now fund your dream marriage with Marriage loans from the Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank.

    A marriage loan is available to people looking to meet their wedding expenses to make the wedding in the family a grand success. When planning for weddings the budget overshoots and the parents are sometimes forced to look to family and friends to tide them over. With our wedding loan, you need look no further as we extend to you the wedding loan with minimal formalities.

  • GDSL loan
  • Group deposit scheme loans can be availed by members of the Group deposit scheme. Almost 70% of the Sala amount is given as advance loan. Up to 50 Lakhs can be availed. As the Prized deposit amount is to be given as instalments, no further interest is charged for the remaining period.

  • Agricultural loan
  • Require funds for agricultural purposes? Today the agricultural sector of the country is facing many challenges. Agricultural Loan is a loan scheme to provide support and encouragement to the agricultural sector.

    Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank offers Agricultural loans with attractive interest rates & easy installments. We provide loans to Agriculturists for a variety of purposes including farming, diary development, poultry farming, the development of commercial horticulture, establishment of orchards and plantations etc. Our services cover the whole range of agriculture and allied activities with some of the unique features like, low interest rates, no intermediaries, less paper work; easy instalments etc. are the main highlights of this loan.

  • Mortgage Loans
  • Mortgage loans are one of the easiest ways to get instant cash for big requirements. If you have a property of your own and you are in need of money, then you can pledge your property and be eligible for a loan up to Rs. 50,00,000/-. You can get the loan cleared without many formalities and you can quickly meet your needs.

    At the Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank, we help you to get quick property loans at attractive rates. Both residential and commercial properties can be pledged and hassle-free and speedy approvals are there for the loans.

  • Personal Loans
  • When it comes to raising money for a number of miscellaneous activities like a child's education, a wedding or even a vacation abroad, many people find it difficult to raise the money to meet such needs. Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank offers personal loans to comfortably meet all these requirements.

    The Calicut Town Service Co-operative Bank offers instant personal loans at special interest rates to meet quick cash needs and can be re-paid in comfortable installments. The loans are issued against personal guarantee or guarantee of other persons. The personal loan can also be issued at low interest rates on the basis of the salary recovery certificate.

  • Deposit Loans
  • The Calicut Town Service Cooperative Bank issues deposit loans to customers for their cash requirements. Up to 80% of their fixed deposits can be availed as loan which is quickly processed as well.

  • Overdraft Loans
  • Overdraft Loans are given to customers for an amount upto Rs. 10 Lakhs to meet business purposes for a time period of 1 year. A Savings Bank account needs to be created to avail Overdraft Loans.

  • Kudumbasree Loans
  • The Calicut Town Service Co-operative bank has been extending loans up to Rs. 5, 00, 000 to Kudumbasree members on linkage basis. Up to Rs. 50, 000 can be availed by a member of the joint liability group mutual security at liberal terms and conditions. The loan scheme is to help them get loans and save them from other money lenders. The loan will help the Kudumbasree members to engage in profitable occupation and increase their family income. Up to 3, 00, 000 Rs can be availed by self-help groups registered with the bank.

Group Deposit

Beneficial to all sorts of customers, Group Deposits are an attractive scheme similar to Chit fund schemes proposed by the Bank. Any member of the Bank can join the scheme, as per terms and conditions in the approved subsidiary regulations. Members shall be categorized into different Groups of members and the scheme will be projected for the stipulated term of months. On its maturity, the amount will be refunded to the depositor with Interest. Loan will be issued to members under this scheme up to maximum of 70% of the Group Scheme (Maximum 50 Lakhs). Interest will be charged and security should be offered.

A meeting of all the members will be convened at the premises of the branches at a fixed time on a fixed day every month for the purpose of availing financial assistance under the scheme. The amount collected as deposit in each group may be advanced to any member in the group who has offered the maximum bonus commission. In case more than one person applies for the assistance, the beneficiary will be chosen through negotiation or taking lots. 5% of the deposit will be charged as guarantee commission, the bonus commission in each group will be distributed equally among all the depositors. The depositors need pay only the remainder portion of amount as premium for the next months.

Group Deposit Scheme


Time Period


Amount on 30% discount

Daily earned amount

10 Lakhs


20, 000

15, 000

600 - 800

5 Lakhs


10, 000

7, 500

300 - 400

3 Lakhs


10, 000

7, 500

300 - 400

2 Lakhs


10, 000

7, 500

300 - 400

1 Lakh


5, 000

3, 750

150 - 200

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